Our Story

Hoame Store was founded on a few unifying principles that band us all together. Just like you, we’re always searching for those special items to accent our space and mirror our true character.

One day, our founders were on a road trip across the United States from the West to the East Coast. Along the way, they came across incredibly unique stores offering fantastic home decor items that you would never find online.

It was at this moment that our store was born. The founders realized that instead of having to road trip across the United States to discover incredibly unique and heartfelt home decor and art, shoppers deserved to have one single location that brings everything together.

Leading with that idea, our store was created. We’ve curated and hand-selected a set of home decor collections and pieces that will dramatically elevate the atmosphere of your environment. Let’s visually represent your personality by accenting your home with one of a kind, elegant home decor pieces, you’ll cherish forever.

What’s Your Story?
Everyone has a story to tell. We all have a unique character, personality, and inspiration that leads us down our unique paths in life. The essence of your journey can be told through strikingly vivid home decor pieces and artwork that tells a story of who you are.

How would you like for guests to enter your home and immediately sense an eclectic, vibrant, and dynamic feeling in the atmosphere? All that can be made possible by getting intentional about the home decor items you brand your space with. Let’s peel back the facade to uncover who we really are.

It’s About Elevating The Environment
Life is a constant journey of progression, advancement, and learning. At least it should be! Elevating your environment to the next level will keep you feeling like the momentum is moving. Take a moment to think about how you can change things up, switch your environment to something new to create the life that you have always imagined. These are the values and principles we support and want to share with anyone who’s interested.

Join The Movement
We’re not just your average home decor store. For us, this is a movement about manifesting a chosen reality. Creating a space crafted in the likings of our own imagination. Take a moment to browse through our collections to see how you can simplify expressing your personality through beautiful home decor.
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